Thursday, September 2, 2010

FFXIV is close!

So, im still pretty nervous about this game but I played FFXI for nearly three years.  I feel like if they improved on it slightly then ill enjoy it just fine but I guess I just hope the community will remain the same.  FFXI had a community far better than any other MMO I have played (WoW being a prime example).  Anyone else out there planning on trying this game?  Anyone still play FFXI?  If so when this releases we gotta organize on a server and go at it!

Comments appreciated as always guys!


  1. I'll definitely try it out. The game has potential. I updated my blog recently, check it out.

  2. so bad :'(
    to smyle, come view my blog :)
    hope the cute miss can make you smyle :)

  3. looks interesting

  4. Being an ex-WoW player myself, I always wanted to try the FF series. I held back from subscribing into FFXI under the premise that FFXIV is coming out. I've attempted several times to download the client but no such luck - servers are still experiencing traffic issues and I keep getting looped back and forth. You can check out my own FFXIV posts and progress on my blog (right here: and if you feel like it you can follow me, check the place out.

    I'm supporting you bro! Please return the favor.