Thursday, September 2, 2010

A Blank Canvas

Ok guys, time for some fun.

I am a major in Computer Game Design and starting this semester with my friend on our capstone game (basically like a thesis but for this its a 3D game we have to make).  It has to be from complete scratch, we do the code, characters, story, controls, everything.  So I figure why not ask you guys and keep you updated on how its coming.  So basically, if you could make a game, what would you make?  We will gather all ideas and take the ones we like and then I will let you know which ones we have taken and will give credit to the ideas we take.  No idea is to small or to large, if you have had an idea for a dream game, let me know and if we choose it you will see it come to life.  I will update this post as our game develops with updates, screen shots, etc.  We could just do this ourselves but I figured this would make things a lot more fun.  So let me know what you think guys.

Also in response to a question, We will be using C# language.

Comments always appreciated.


Game Ideas we have decided to use:


FFXIV is close!

So, im still pretty nervous about this game but I played FFXI for nearly three years.  I feel like if they improved on it slightly then ill enjoy it just fine but I guess I just hope the community will remain the same.  FFXI had a community far better than any other MMO I have played (WoW being a prime example).  Anyone else out there planning on trying this game?  Anyone still play FFXI?  If so when this releases we gotta organize on a server and go at it!

Comments appreciated as always guys!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Dir en Grey

Just went with a friend to see Dir en Grey at the house of blues.  I literally went in with no idea who they were but I was surprised to find I actually really liked them.  Japanese bands pretty much seem to kick ass.  Flawless performance guys.

Not sure if anyone is familiar or interested in the J-rock style of music, but if anyone is let me know what you are into.  Dir en grey I was not familiar with but I do know a lot of other Japanese bands, The Gazette being a top one on the list.  It is definitely all a different sound, as well as look (visual kai bands were alarming the first time I witnessed them), but it all seems pretty hypnotizing to listen to. 

Comments appreciated guys.

Starcraft 2

I know this game seems everywhere but its my addiction right now.  Anyone else out there play?  If so, comment favorite race/strategy you use.  Just curious at who goes for the cookie cutter build orders and who is actually unique.  Lets hear it guys.